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Petsitting in the Petsitter’s home

Away for a few days? Just drop your pet off with one of our caring Petsitters.

Petsitting in my home

Prefer to keep your pet at home? Let a Petsitter stay at your place and he will take care of him 24/7!

Cat Visiting & Dog Walking

Daily visits to make sure your pet gets everything he needs. Recommended for cats and other independent pets.

Why are our Petsitters so awesome?

No more guilt

You won’t need to ask your neighbors or your family for help

Leave with peace of mind

Enjoy your holidays knowing your dog is in good hands

Happy when you get back

Your dog won’t blame you for leaving, he’ll be happy to see you!

Never lonely again

At the Petsitter’s, your pet will have a holiday of their own

Quick and easy

Find a Petsitter near you in just a few clicks

Canine bliss

No more cages, it’s time for family fun

Our Holivet guarantee provides 100% cover for your animal in the event of an accident.

Special veterinary guarantee

Interested in being a Petsitter?

It only takes a moment to sign up! A few clicks and you’ll be on your way to taking care of pets around your neighborhood!

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