A pet sitter is someone who takes over the care of your pet for the times that you are not capable of doing so. But what does that person actually do? Can anyone become one? What type of services can they offer? Which services suits me and my pet the best? What should I take into account when looking for one?

Pet sitter services

Holidog offers different pet sitting services, such as in-home pet sitting, dog boarding, cat boarding, dog walking, cat visit… You’ll find the service that best suits your dog’s temper and habits on Holidog. What do these different services mean and which one should I choose for my pet?

Pet sitter near me

With dedicated online platforms offering pet sitter services flourishing online, finding a sitter near you has never been easier. With companies like Holidog, you can find the perfect sitter for your pet near you in just a few clicks. Everything you need to know from availability, prices, distance and reviews are displayed on each pet sitter’s profile who are manually validated by us to guarantee a high-quality pet sitting service.


Find the best pet sitting services near you. Free. No subscription required!

How much does a Pet sitter cost?

The costs of using a pet sitting service vary depending on a certain number of facts such as the sitter’s experience, the location where the service is provided and the length of the stay. Our sitters display their prices publicly on their profiles to make it easy for pet owners to find the perfect person to look after their pet foany budget..

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Pet sitter insurance

Booking a sitter for you pet is a great way to keep your him happy and healthy while you’re away. But who will cover the veterinarian cost if your pet gets sick or has an accident? What if your pet breaks something? Find out all about the various types of insurance and why it’s always a good idea to be covered.

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How to become pet sitter?

Pet sitting is not only a fun but also a rewarding experience that, if done right, can give you a financial boost. It's the perfect part-time job for students or retirees looking for something to fill their time. Thanks to Holidog, you can decide for yourself which jobs you want to take and choose your own hours and prices freely.

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