Discover the 6 pet sitters in JACKSONVILLE (32099) to take care of your dog or your cat. With Holidog, get your pet a home away from home in or near JACKSONVILLE (32099). Better than dog boarding kennels and catteries, give your pets a holiday to remember!

1.Chadwick - pet sitter
Jacksonville | 9 km.
2.Michelle - pet sitter
Jacksonville | 13 km.
3.Alondra - pet sitter
Jacksonville | 19 km.
4.Alena - pet sitter
Jacksonville | 13 km.
5.Jocineia - pet sitter
Jacksonville | 20 km.
6.Madyson - pet sitter
Fleming Island | 25 km.

Better than staying in a kennel or a cattery: dog and cat care with trusted host families!

With, you can find pet sitters in and around JACKSONVILLE in just a few minutes. When you book a pet sitter with Holidog, your pet will have a pleasant and relaxing stay in the comfort of your home or with a loving family. Unlike kennels, your pet will never be in a cage. Our No. 1 priority when selecting pet sitters for Holidog is their love for animals and their availability. Another vital aspect that we look for is that they provide top quality services and comfort for your animal. You can go on holiday or a weekend away with peace of mind, knowing that your furry friend is in good hands. We believe that kennels, although useful in the past, are no longer enough when we consider the relationship we have with our dogs and cats today. Holidog makes it easy for you to find the best pet sitters in and around JACKSONVILLE that will offer you a great experience for your pet so that you know they are in good hands.

Do you live near Atlantic Beach or close to Chapel Fields? Is your house a few meters from Downtown, St Johns River or in Oceanway? Are you in Duval County? No matter what area you live, you will always find the ideal pet sitter close by thanks to Holidog. Pet sitters are waiting for you all over JACKSONVILLE!

How does it work?

You don’t want to put your beloved pet in a kennel or cattery and are looking for an alternative solution to someone taking care of your pet whether it be for a one off holiday, weekends or simply during the day when you don’t have time? Creating a search on our site could not be easier: simply enter your postcode and we will offer you hundreds of high quality and reliable pet sitters located in and around JACKSONVILLE close to your home.

Chat for free with our pet sitters in JACKSONVILLE, no obligation!

Holidog allows you to select pet sitters according to your needs by filling out a short form with your preferences. A few minutes after the selection, you will receive your first message from a pet sitter that you selected and can start talking to them. Feel free to ask all relevant questions to make sure they are suitable. We understand that to be 100% sure they are the right person for the job you might want to meet them in person first. Therefore, you can organise a meet and greet and if they do not satisfy your criteria after the meeting, you will be able to select another pet sitter for free in just 3 clicks.

How much does it cost?

Holidog's pet sitting services in JACKSONVILLE are generally cheaper than other options available. The daily rates of the pet sitters vary depending on their experience, location, needs of the animal and the service required. The prices for the pet sitters services are clearly indicated on their profile with no hidden costs. What you see is what you pay. There is no negotiation to be made and we ensure that our carers respect this fundamental principle.

Are you a dog lover? Would you like to take care of dogs and earn some extra cash while doing so?

Then you are in the right place, Holidog allows you to do the student work of your dreams in JACKSONVILLE. Earning money by taking care of pets is the ultimate, right?

With Holidog, you'll receive numerous assignments each month and can select only those that match your schedule. We also offer to customers the option of adding our Holivet guarantee, which covers you in case of problem during the assignment.

If you want to join us as a pet sitter, please do not hesitate to register now to start the recruitment process and begin your dream student job in and around JACKSONVILLE.