Do You Love Animals? Become a Pet Sitter ✌️

Do you want to do the best job in the world? Fancy combining your passion for animals with earning a bit of cash? You've come to the right place to make lots of new (furry) friends!

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Becoming a Pet Sitter: 3 Benefits.


Give and Receive Love

Earn Money

Define your own schedule according to your availability

Spend your time brightening up the lives of animals!

As a student job or secondary income

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Pet Sitting: At your home or the Customer’s home The owner will either bring their pet to your home to look after or you can go and stay at theirs.

Dog Walking: Outside, near the Customer’s home You collect the Customer’s dog from their home and take them for a walk nearby, for 30 minutes to an hour. You can also offer cat visits which last around 30 minutes.


Devenez Petsitter job étudiant

Whenever you want!

You have no obligation and are free to choose the hours that suit you! You indicate your availability on your profile and you will only receive job offers that respect your schedule.

Depending on your availability

Were you contacted for a pet sitting job after indicating that you were available, but you’re not anymore? No worries! You can simply decline the customer’s request via the app.

3 Simple Steps to Become a Pet Sitter


You Create Your Pet Sitter Profile


Your Profile is Reviewed & Validated


Ready, Set, Pet Sit! ✌️

You fill in your Pet Sitter profile with your availability, your reason for doing this, and your daily rate

Our quality team checks your information and may contact you by phone to verify

Your account will then be activated and your profile displayed on our platform, usually within 24 hours

Animals are such agreeable friends - they ask no questions, they pass no criticisms.

– George Eliot, English novelist (1819 - 1880)