Pet Sitter Services

No matter if you are just vacationing for a few days or if you are looking for a temporary sitter to take your dog on a walk, a pet sitter is always a great solution. At Holidog, you can find pet sitters near you for every occasion offering different services to attend to your every need.

Type of pet sitter services

A pet sitter can do a variety of of things. The most common services are taking over the care of a dog or cat, either in the pet sitter's home or in your own home, while the owner of the pet is away from home. Other services include visiting a cat or walking somebodies dog.

A pet sitter in your own home

When using this type of pet sitting service, the pet sitter will come to your home to take care of your animal while you’re away on vacation. This service is especially great for pets that are territorial or simply do not like to leave the comfortable environment of their own home. Cats in general do not take this type of change well.

Besides having somebody to look after your dog, this service has the added value that somebody looks after your house at the same time. On the other hand, it does mean that you have to trust your house to a stranger. It is important that you trust the pet sitter completely and leave them with all the instructions they need to take care of your pet in its familiar environment. This service can include fees such as travels costs for the pet sitter.

Leaving your pet with a host family

If you feel uncomfortable with a stranger at your house or are not able to leave your dog at home while you’re away, this might be the option for you. This service allows pet owners to take their pets to the sitter’s home for the duration of their absence. A great benefit of the service is the fact that the sitter can have an eye on your pet during most times of the day and especially at night without any additional fees.

It does, however, require some work on your part. Make sure to pack all the essentials and give the sitter all of the information needed in case of an emergency and ask for regular updates. Also take into consideration that your pet might be put under additional stress when far from home, so evaluate if it’s the best option for your animal.

Other pet sitter services

Besides the above pet sitter options, Holidog offers dog walking and pet daycare services to pet owners.

A dog walker comes to your home and takes your pet out on the agreed day and time. You can even recommend an itinerary if your pet particularly likes an area, or let the dog walker decide. The dog walker will follow your guidelines and makes sure that your dog gets the exercise it needs.

Pet daycare refers to short-term pet sitting services provided to pets during the day when their owners are absent. It typically takes place in dedicated pet drop-in facilities but some pet sitters may also offer a pet daycare service in their home. It’s a good solution for working pet parents or if your pet can’t stay alone for long periods of time.


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Pet sitter prices

Pet sitter costs vary depending on several factors such as the length of the stay or the size of your pet and the pet sitter’s experience. At Holidog you can see the prices for each pet sitter displayed right on their profile, allowing you to select pet sitters based on your budget.

The prices can vary between 10 to 50 dollars per day according to the location and pet sitter services offered. Costs can depend on your location, the pet sitter's experience and the size of your pet.

We also recommend to the pet owners to have a pet sitting insurance in case of an accident during the assignment. Holidog, for example, offers a Holivet guarantee which covers you in case of an accident or illness while with the pet sitter.

How to become a pet sitter?

You are a student, a retiree or simply someone with extra time on your hands who wouldn’t mind turning your passion for animals into some cash? Then why not consider becoming a pet sitter? With Holidog, you can decide which jobs you want to take on and for what price.

Besides offering pet sitting services in your own home, you can offer to take care of pets in the pet owners home, regularly visit their cats or take their dogs out for a walk. As you gain experience, you can start upping your prices. Beware though: being a pet sitter is first and foremost about putting your love for animals in practise, not a cash cow!

To sign up as a pet sitter with Holidog, go to the home page, click on "sign up", choose "petsitters" and follow the step by step process. Before you know it, you will have your first assignment!

The Holivet guarantee covers your animal at 100% in case of an accident.

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