Dog walking app

A dog walking app is a very convenient way to connect dog parents with individuals who are available to walk your dog when you can’t do it yourself. Dog owners have access to hundreds of profiles and can book and pay for a walk straight through the app.

How does a dog walking app work?

Just like on a regular pet sitting website, dog owners create a profile for their dog. They upload pictures and give details about their dog’s personality and habits. They also mention their dog’s weight and size and add any special dog walking requirements they may have such as avoiding crowded areas or keeping the dog on short leash around people or other dogs.

Depending on the app, they can either get in touch with potential dog walkers or wait for dog walkers to contact them. Either way, most apps offer a messaging function that allows dog owners and dog walkers to discuss and work out together the last details.

Those apps are also on-demand. In the same way as you’d book a car ride at the last minute, you can also book someone to walk your dog at short notice. Talk about convenience!

What happens after a walk is booked?

Dog owners have to provide logistical information, such as the building entry code or the location of the keys. On the agreed day and time, a dog walker comes to pick up the dog at its owner’s place and takes it for a walk following the agreed dog walking route.

The great thing with dog walking apps is that dog owners are able to track their dog in real-time using GPS. The tracking function is a great way to make you feel comfortable about letting a stranger walk your dog for you.

Dog parents are able to leave ratings to dog walkers or bookmark their favourite persons in order to easily book them again in the future.


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A few things to know before using a dog walking app

Pet sitting has become increasingly popular within the last few years. More and more companies and apps are offering dog-related services. While it makes it easy for dog owners to find someone to cover for them when they’re away, there are a few things to be aware of and to keep in mind when using a dog walking app.

Always use a reputable company

Reputable companies will have been operating for years. Their dog walking services will be backed by a comprehensive liability insurance that cover both their dog walkers and the dogs they are taking care of. Check the reviews on the App Store or the Google Play Store before installing the app and booking any service: it will give you a good idea of how the app operates and how satisfied its users are.

Make sure dog walkers have been vetted

Or at the very least, choose a dog walker who already has a fair amount of positive reviews. Most apps generally have a process in place for vetting dog walkers but it’s best if you can review feedback from other dog owners. You can also ask dog walkers to share some references with you.

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