Dog boarding insurance

Booking a dog boarding service is a great solution for your pet to stay happy and healthy while you’re gone for a couple of days. But what if your pet breaks something or gets sick? Find out all about dog boarding insurance and why it’s crucial to a great dog boarding experience.

Who should be covered by insurance?

Pet sitters provide care to your pet during your absence. Their services can range from dog walking to cat sitting in your home for a few days or weeks at a time. Some pet sitters also offer to board your pet at their place. Beyond carrying out these services, they’re also in charge of your pet’s safety and well-being during the whole time they spend with it.

Insurance for the pet sitter

Damage to your home or your pet should be covered by the pet sitter offering the dog boarding. In the United States, dog boarding is only allowed with a valid licence. That’s why you should make sure that the pet sitter is covered by third-party liability insurance.

Insurance for kennels and dog hotels

If you decide to board your dog in a kennel or a dog hotel, make sure that the facility is covered by liability insurance and do research about how your pet is covered while it’s staying in their care. Dog kennels that do not have insurance do not operate legally and should be avoided at all costs!

Insurance for the pet owner

No matter if it’s cat scratches on the couch or a dog’s teeth marks on a pair of shoes, damages happen quickly and can leave an expensive aftermath. Pet owners ensure that their personal liability insurance covers their pets and, if that’s not the case, should look into dog boarding insurance before leaving their furry friend in the care of someone else. On top of liability, pet sitting sites like Holidog offer veterinarian insurance in case of accidents that require veterinary care.


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What costs to expect

On average, dog boarding insurances cost around $10-$20 a month but the costs can vary. If you’re thinking about getting pet insurance, always make sure to read the small print. Some insurances exclude certain animals, others require extra liability insurance for bigger pets like dogs. Make sure you really get what you need and that your pet is covered in every scenario.

While you might think that an insurance is just a waste of money, you should consider the fact that in case you are liable for some type of damage, whether you are a pet sitter or a pet owner, you might have to pay a whole lot more. Besides paying for any damage done, fights over liability can also lead to extremely high legal fees. By being covered by a dog boarding insurance, you can avoid this.

Holivet for Holidog’s dog boarding services

Holidog offers Holivet, our own dog boarding insurance that covers all veterinary fees incurred during your dog´s stay with the pet sitter. This guarantee can be booked separately with each assignment. The price will vary according to the number of pets. Please note that accidents caused by previous illnesses, reckless behaviour such as walking a pet without a leash in dangerous areas and purposeful injuries are not included.

Holivet covers everything from surgical interventions, medication, diagnoses and even pet ambulance costs up to 1000 dollars for the complete duriation of your absence. The costs of Holivet are minimal, and the benefits in case an accident happens are huge! Still, when considering dog boarding costs, always remember to add the Holivet insurance to the total price in case you consider buying it.

The Holivet guarantee covers your animal at 100% in case of an accident.

👉 Holidogs´ Holivet conditions and coverage