Cat boarding near me

If you have booked a vacation or a weekend trip and looking for someone trustworthy to take care of your cat while you’re away, look no further! Holidog’s cat boarding service allows you to find the perfect pet sitter and is available near you. Find out about the options.

How does cat boarding near me work?

Cat boarding is a service that can take place either in your own home or in the home of the pet sitter. It’s the perfect solution for cats who are closely attached to their homes and don’t support moving into a kennel or cattery with other cats. Especially cats with special needs benefit from cat boarding since it can be much less stressful and it guarantees you and your kitty a relaxing and happy vacation.

Cat boarding in your home

Cats are territorial creatures and most of them prefer to stay in a familiar environment. It is, therefore, recommended to book cat boarding in your house and select a cat sitter near you who will travel to your home and keep your kitty company. You can find the perfect cat sitter through Holidog’s home boarding service and depart knowing your cat is in good hands.

Cat boarding with a host family

If you’re not a fan of catteries but don’t want or can’t invite a pet sitter into your home, this is the perfect in-between solution. With this service, you simply take your cat to the host family’s home near you for the duration of your stay and pick it up upon your return. Visit our website to find the pet sitter that best fits you and your cat’s needs.

Cat boarding kennels

Cat boarding kennels allow you to drop off your cat at a specialised facility near you and pick it up once you have returned. Keep in mind that some cats might not enjoy their stay for the simple reason that cats are territorial and generally don’t support changes very well. If it’s possible, finding a place for your cat without other animals is always a better option.


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What costs await you?

Cat boarding prices can vary depending on the duration of the stay and the location where the service will be provided and in case of catteries, the services offered by the facility. Cat Boarding in New York tends to be more expensive than in the countryside. The pet sitter’s experience and your cat’s health also factor into the equation. A more experienced cat sitter can provide better, maybe even specialised care, but will cost you more.

When you use Holidog for your cat boarding needs, the prices that each cat sitter ask for the various services they offer are displayed publicly and transparently on their profile. Select the person that fits your needs and budget best, get in contact with them and make a well informed choice based on the price, experience and location of the sitter.

How to choose your cat boarding host?

It is crucial to select a cat sitter that you trust with your pet so that you know that your kitty is safe during your absence. Therefore, take your time when choosing a pet sitter you haven’t worked with before.

Holidog reviews each pet sitter applicant carefully and we only select trusted pet sitters so you get the best quality of services that you and your cat deserve. Simply fill out your postal code, services required and any additional information about your cat, and you will immediately gain access to a list of cat sitters available to you. Through our internal chat application, you get the chance to discuss the cat boarding assignment, what you expect from the cat sitter and ask him any other questions you might have.

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