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Cary Animal Lover

I am a college student. I have 2 cats at my house and when I lived with my parents, we always had animals. From small pets to dogs. My first...

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Cary Gwendolyn's Palace

Greetings! It is with great enthusiasm I offer my loving services, and home to your furry kids! I look forward to accommodating all yo...

Petsitting for Dogs and other pets: cats, rabits, ferrets

When you go on holiday, Holidog offers you a Petsitting service for your dogs, cats and other animals. The stay is carried out by a qualified Petsitter in their home or in yours depending on your wishes. Staying in a host family won’t be anything like a kennel; it is a cosy and comfortable alternative for your pet. With your dog sitter your pet will be able to enjoy a friendly environment during your absence!

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