Cinnamon B.
New York
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100% Response Rate
Age 30
Occupation Employee
Type of residence Apartment
Garden No garden
Presence during the day Half the day
Animals No
Children 1
Smoker No
Languages spoken
I have

About me

I absolutly love animals. I have pet sitting experience already and enjoy doing it.

I absolutly love animals. I have pet sitting experience already and enjoy doing it.

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Cinnamon is available for :

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More details Close
I am available for
Petsitting in my home
Petsitting in the clients home
Pets I can look after in the clients home
Pets I can visit
House and availability
Surface area 1200ft²
My rates:
For 1 dog For 1 cat Rate per cat visit
$12 per day $10 per day $10
For other animals For 1 dog and 1 cat For 3 or more animals
$5 per day $15 per day $17 per day
I will walk your dogs during:
Your Holidays
Your working hours
I accept:
Small dogs
Medium size dogs
Big dogs
I also accept
Category 1&2 dogs
Who pull on the lead
My rates
For 1 dog Per additional dog For 1 dog
$10 per walk $3 per walk $10 per holiday walk
Per additional dog For 1 dog Per additional dog
$3 per holiday walk $9 per regular walk $3 per regular walk
Unavailable Available
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I am a pet lover. Have had cats since I was a child. Also had dogs in the past (1st = miniature pincer; 2nd = lab\shepard mix, as well as had a ferret for 8 years in the company of a cat whi...

I'm looking for a little extra work to supplement both my freelance communications consulting practice and my full-time music career. I've done the office thing for a long time and would pref...

Since I start starting medical school next year, I want to do something I love with my time! I love animals, especially dogs and cats. I am the proud owner of two cats for fifteen years; they ...

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