Lily B.
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Age 35
Occupation Student
Type of residence Apartment
Garden No garden
Presence during the day Most of the day
Animals Yes
Children 0
Smoker No
Languages spoken
I have

About me

I love dogs and it would be nice to have another friend for the day :) I am an animal lover in general.

I love dogs and it would be nice to have another friend for the day :) I am an animal lover in general.

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Lily is available for :

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More details Close
I am available for
Petsitting in my home
Petsitting in the clients home
Pets I can look after in the clients home
Pets I can visit
House and availability
Surface area 1000ft²
My rates:
For 1 dog For 1 cat Rate per cat visit
$12 per day $10 per day $10
For other animals For 1 dog and 1 cat For 3 or more animals
$5 per day $15 per day $17 per day
I will walk your dogs during:
Your Holidays
Your working hours
I accept:
Small dogs
Medium size dogs
Big dogs
I also accept
Category 1&2 dogs
Who pull on the lead
My rates
For 1 dog Per additional dog For 1 dog
$10 per walk $3 per walk $10 per holiday walk
Per additional dog For 1 dog Per additional dog
$3 per holiday walk $9 per regular walk $3 per regular walk

PetSitters animals

American Bully
3 years old|25lbs
Unavailable Available
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I want to become a pet sitter because animals have been a huge part of my life and are one of God's greatest creations. I've owned several pets of my own since my early years as child. I curre...

I'm a big animal lover. In high school I used to train Guide Dogs for the blind. But since moving out of my parent's house, I could never really afford to have pets. My lifestyle is too mobile...

I always loved having dogs as companions. I really miss my dogs back at home. By being a petsitter, I could provide care for the dogs when there owners can't. Its an easy way for me to have ex...

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