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Los Angeles Petsitter

I am currently employed as a pet sitter, taking care of various pets while their owners are away at work, or on vacation. Responsible for en...

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I have owned pets at any given time of my life. I grew up with a dachshund named nanny who passed away in December 2013, I felt lonely witho...

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Bell Gardens Dogs = family

i have always felt a big passion for dogs, i have a really soft spot when it comes to dogs and i have always dreamed of owning 6 dogs. i hav...

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Los Angeles Nature Speaker

I'm Jonathan, an educator and artist living in Los Angeles. My wife and I have two dogs, Whiskey and Kaya. Whiskey is a beagle/jack Russell ...

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Los Angeles Loving, caring and fun

Hi! My name is Alejandra. I'm a student filmmaker from Spain, currently living in Los Angeles, fallowing my dreams. Since I'm a kid, I have ...

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Pico Rivera cozy place for the day

I live in a apartment. I'm really nice and love dog . I love 10 mins away from a park so I can take your dog walking around there. Your dog ...

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Los Angeles Safety,Love & Care My #1 Priorities

Hi I'm Shayna and I'm 23 years old. I'm currently a student at Santa Monica College, pursuing a degree in psychology. I am responsible easy ...

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Los Angeles

Since I was younger I’ve loved pets. I had about four dogs, a duck, many turtles, and a few hamsters in my entire life. I love pets so much ...

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Los Angeles Love for dogs

I have always had a dog in my life so its natural for me to be a dog lover. I still have my life long friend a German Shepard since middle s...

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Los Angeles Animal Friend!

Growing up, I always had pets of many different sizes, from fish and hamsters to Yorkies and Golden Retrievers, and I currently own a cat. I...

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San Marino Dog lover

Hi, I am a UCD graduate with a degree in chemistry, I am currently studying for the MCATs with aspirations to become a neurologist. I love d...

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Having grown up with both cats and dogs, I'm told I have a way with animals. I have no desire to show anyone who's boss; I seek respectful r...


With our GoNanny service, you can easily find a nanny for your dog. This day care service by a dogsitter will rid your dog of boredom during your long working day. If your dog is sociable you can give him to a nanny who looks after other dogs at the same time, furthermore you will save money. The Nanny will look after your dog and he will be able to play, go on walks and cuddle all day long.

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