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I have owned pets at any given time of my life. I grew up with a dachshund named nanny who passed away in December 2013, I felt lonely witho...

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Montebello Dogs best Friend

I grew up with dogs and have always loved dogs! It would be amazing to spend all day with dogs and get paid to do it. I am a student and I d...

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Pico Rivera cozy place for the day

I live in a apartment. I'm really nice and love dog . I love 10 mins away from a park so I can take your dog walking around there. Your dog ...

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I have a very flexible schedule and I love pets! Also, Lincoln Park is only 4 blocks from my apartment so there's a lot of great outdoor sp...

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Having grown up with both cats and dogs, I'm told I have a way with animals. I have no desire to show anyone who's boss; I seek respectful r...

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Torrance Turner n Hooch

Was my favorite movie as a child. I love all animals, but especially dogs. Bulldog's are the best companions ever in my book, but I love and...

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Los Angeles

I absolutely love pets (especially cats) and I'm looking to make some extra money to supplement my income.

Cat visits

Are you looking for someone to visit and feed your cat whilst you are away? When you leave on business or on holiday, Holidog offers you the chance to find a catsitter who will do everything for you. Don’t put your cats in a shelter anymore, call upon a Petsitter who will look after your pets in his home or in your home or they can regularly visit your home too.

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