Why HappyBox?


HappyBox treats your dog!

Receive amazing products such as treats, snacks, hygiene and grooming products and toys - all created especially for your dog.


HappyBox helps you discover new brands!

Discover hand-picked brands from all over Europe using only high quality raw materials and ingredients, promoting their ethical missions.


HappyBox gives you more surprises than anyone else!

With 6 to 9 new brands and products every month, you will never lose interest in the unique HappyBox.


HappyBox is hassle-free!

(Sign up to) pick the box that best fits the need of your dog, order online, and the box arrives at your doorstep every month.


HappyBox works for a good cause!

The first box, launched in July 2015, had all its profits directed to charities in Europe. Additionally, when ordering a HappyBox, you can donate to the charity of your choice.


HappyBox offers products of great value!

The box is filled with products of high quality, with a total price of about $40, being sold at just $15.00 for Holidog members and $33.00 for non-members!


HappyBox ships internationally!

International shipping at the low cost of $0.00 in Europe.


HappyBox brings you and your dog together

Spend less time looking for new ways to make them happy, and more time playing with their new toys and enjoying the gifts!