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Dog nanny for a few hours

Out to the cinema, working late, or having some friends over who aren’t fond of dogs (their loss…)? Find a nanny close to your home and leave your dog in good hands.

Dog nanny while you are at work

You work and they stay at home, sad and alone. How about a nanny? Whether they're alone or with friends, your dog will be in good hands.

Why are Nannies so awesome?

Never lonely again

No more lonely hours waiting for you to get home

Fun with friends

Playtime is a lot more fun with friends to play with

Close to your home

Your nanny lives in your area, and can come to pick up your dog

Canine bliss

No more lonely stressful hours waiting for you

Minimal dog walking for you

They'll be relaxed when you get home, and so will you

Your schedule

For a few hours, a whole day or on a regular basis, you decide!

Our Holivet guarantee provides 100% cover for your animal in the event of an accident.

Special veterinary guarantee

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